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Services and Times

We would love you to come and join us as we worship God together and see how Christian faith makes a difference in everyday life. We share a broad range of services, from modern and informal worship to the beauty of the Anglican tradition. You should be able to find a time and place with us where you can feel at home.

February Services


April Church Services
Sun 2nd            Hurworth        10.30am        Palm Sunday Holy                                                                                    Communion
                          MSG Academy 10am             Holy Communion
                          Dinsdale            3pm              Daffodil Service
Mon 3rd           MSG Academy 7.30pm         Reflections with                                                                                        Bishop Paul
Tues 4th           MSG Academy  7.30pm        Reflections with BP
Wed 5th           MSG Academy  7.30pm         Reflections with BP
Thurs 6th         Hurworth          8am              Morning Prayer
                           MSG Academy 7pm              Maundy Thursday                                                                                    Holy Communion                                                                                    with Bishop Paul  
Fri 7th               Hurworth         2pm               Good Friday Walk
                          Combined Churches              of Witness
                          MSG Church    12pm             Reflections of the                                                                                  Cross with Bishop Paul
Sun 9th            MSG Church     6am              Sunrise Service of                                                                                   Holy Communion
                          Hurworth          8am              Easter Sunday Holy                                                                                 Communion                                            Hurworth          10.30am      Holy Communion  
                          MSG Academy  10am           Holy Communion  
Thurs 13th       Hurworth         8am               Morning Prayer   
Sunday 16th    Hurworth         8am               Holy Communion
                          MSG Academy            Service of the Word
                          Hurworth         10.30am        Morning worship
                                                                          Annual Parish Meeting   
Thurs 20th       Hurworth         8am               Morning Prayer   
Sunday 23rd    Hurworth         8am              Holy Communion
                          Hurworth         10.30am       All Age Worship                                       MSG Academy           Service of the Word
Thurs 27th      Hurworth          8am             Morning Prayer                  
Sunday 30th    Hurworth          8am             Holy Communion
                          Hurworth          10.30am      Morning Worship
                          MSG Academy 10am            Holy Communion











Middleton St George (MSG) services are held at St Georges Academy

Tea, coffee, fruit squash and biscuits are served after Hurworth services.
All are welcome.


Please stay for refreshments after our Sunday Service

Do you need a lift to church?


Whatever the reason, please contact any church member who will be happy to arrange things for you.

ALL AGE WORSHIP is now on the 3rd Sunday of each month
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