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Starting with the celebrations on Palm Sunday of Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem; the poignancy of the last supper on Maundy Thursday; the deep lows of Jesus execution by crucifixion on Good Friday – and ending with Jesus triumphant defeat over death itself on Easter Day.

How can I thank you?

By a member of All Saints Church

Your cross was heavy,

The hill was high,

The road was dusty,

Your throat was dry.

You suffered for us,

For all mankind;

You suffered for us

And then you died. 


The dark clouds gathered,  

The wind grew strong.

People were frightened -

Had they done wrong?

'Forgive them, Father'

They heard you say.

Oh what love for man

To die this way.

How can we thank you?

What can we say?

For the way you suffered

For us that day,

For the cross you carried

Up the hill so high,

With a crown of thorns

You went to die  
You're now in heaven

By your father's side.

You're now in heaven

And love will abide,

And all God's children

Will kneel and say

'Thank you, Lord,

For our today!' 

Monday 15th

Evening prayer     All Saints     7.00 pm


Tuesday 16th

Evening prayer     All  Saints     7.00 pm


Wednesday 17th

Evening prayer     Methodists     7.00 pm 

Maundy Thursday

Seder Meal     Methodists     7.00pm

Good Friday

Walk of Witness     Linden Court     2.00pm

(Finish at All Saints followed by coffee and hot cross buns)

Sunday 14th
Palm Sunday     Hurworth     8.00am    
Morning Worship     Hurworth    10.30 am    
Easter All Saints Hurworth
Easter All Saints Hurworth
Easter All Saints Hurworth
Easter All Saints Hurworth
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